FMS 5000 & L2 Plus

FMS single-column test frames are optimized for repetitive, high-volume testing applications conducted in production or laboratory environments. FMS frames feature a granite base and extruded aluminum column for inherent stiffness. The drive system includes a pre-loaded ball screw matched to a precision linear rail for unprecedented motion control, accuracy and repeatability. Magnetic travel limits protect against over-travel. Push-button controls for crosshead movement, test control and emergency stopping are easily accessible and rugged. Quick connect clevis are supplied for securing test fixtures. The FMS features a small footprint, ideal for lean manufacturing application.


 Max Load:11,250 LBF

Max Stroke:43in


 Max Load:1,120 LBF

Max Stroke:40in


Designed for advance force measurement and analysis, L2 Plus Systems are optimized for quality and engineering personnel. Test setup is intuitive, efficient and non-compromising. Measurements and analysis are performed graphically using our Windows based, all-in-one computer. Results are displayed on graphs, in data tables, or combinations based on load, distance or time. You may include tolerances and display statistical calculations. Standard reports are included, or export .csv data for use with other applications.


• Idea for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications
• Create test setups using internationally accepted testing standards from ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI and more, or create your own customer test methods
• Measure and calculate results graphically:
• Points
• Slopes and Intercepts
• Min/Max/Average
• Breaks
• Peaks and Valleys
• Deltas
• Rates
• Work/Energy
• Automation Builder Option Enable digital and analog I/O and Control Logic, also arithmetic, trigonometric and logarithmic calculations.