MarSurf CM Expert

The MarSurf CM expert is a powerful confocal microscope for the three-dimensional measurement and analysis of surfaces – contactless, independent of material, and fast.

The MarSurf CM expert is suitable for use in test laboratories and equipped for quality assurance in production environments due to its robust construction and insensitivity to environmental influences.

With additional manual Z positioning, a large x and y travel range and the possibility of automation, it offers excellent ease of use. The option of performing user-independent, fully automatic measurements makes this surface measuring system ideal for straightforward and efficient use in quality assurance.

Key benefits:

  • User-independent serial measurements by automation software
  • High measuring speed – even at full resolution
  • User-friendly concept
  • Safety through collision detection in all directions to protect your workpiece and measuring system
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) function, 16-bit
  • Consistent high resolution output of large measuring surfaces due to HD stitching

This established optical measuring system is successfully used, for example, for:

  • Roughness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 4287 / 25178
  • Topography measurement (including volume, wear, isotropy)
  • Measurement of microgeometry and layer thicknesses