Micro-Vu Rotary Upgrade

Micro-Vu offers Rotary Indexer Kits for Vertex and Excel measurement systems. The kits add W-axis rotation capability to these powerful vision and multisensor machines.

Rotary Indexer Kits

Micro-Vu offers Rotary Indexer Kits as accessories on Vertex and Excel measurement systems. The kits add w-axis rotation capabilities to these vision and multi-sensor.

• All Vertex and Excel Systems are Indexer-Ready
• Systems have multiple mounting locations. Select the best location for your specific application
• Horizontal and vertical mounting plates are included in each kit.
• A Rotary Indexer can be easily removed and replaced
• A Rotary Indexer Kit includes face place, chuck adapter, adjustable chuck, 45 degree mirror fixture and calibration artifact.

InSpec Software Seamlessly Integrates Advanced Touch Probe Functions

• Intuitive Rotary Control Interface
• Automated Offset rotations
• Calculation of offsets based of measured data
• Cut and Paste of Features around Rotary Axis
• Free InSpec 2.XX Updates – No Maintenance Fees
• InSpec Metrology Software is used on all Micro-Vu measuring systems, including the Vertex, Excel, Matrix, Vector, Spectra, Qubix, and Quantum automated and manual machines.

Micro-Vu offers “Complete” Rotary Indexer Kits

Micro-Vu Rotary Indexer Kits include software; mounting hardware; rotary indexer, face plate, chuck adapter plate, adjustable chuck, calibration artifact, 45 degree mirror, and case. You get everything needed to begin measuring real parts.