Prolink Software QC-Calc Enterprise

QC-CALC Enterprise is the equivalent of QC-CALC Real-Time and QC-CALC SPC installed on the same computer.

QC-CALC Real-Time is used to collect and display measurement results from all CMMs, Video CMMs, and hand gages without operator intervention. You can create reports and export data to spreadsheets, databases, and other SPC programs. This means you can transfer data from all of your measurement devices to any SPC package using one program!

QC-CALC SPC is a complete SPC package that analyzes the data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. Use QC-CALC SPC’s charts and reports to constantly monitor your process and keep it in control.

The seamless integration with automated gages is the cornerstone of QC-CALC Real-Time. Our relationships with the equipment suppliers enable us to understand how their gages operate and to automate reading their output. We eliminated any effort on your part to collect the data and save it to a network drive so you have absolutely nothing to do except watch the graphs plot and the automatic reports trigger.

QC-CALC SPC opens the same network database from your office or other remote location allowing you to monitor what is happening in the data collection area. As data is collected, your SPC plots are continuously updated to show you live results from the shop floor. QC-CALC SPC can then filter the data and run charts and reports giving you the complete picture of your production process.