Micro-Vu Touch Probe Upgrade

These Micro-Vu Touch Probe upgrades build upon any Vertex or Excel’s 3D vision capabilities by adding CMM-style contact probing.

Touch Probe Kits

• All Vertex and Excel Systems are delivered Probe-Ready
• Kinematic Mounts Protect Change Rack and Calibration Artifacts
• Change Rack, Calibration Artifacts, and Probes can be Removed and Replaced without Re-Calibration
• InSpec Software Seamlessly Integrates Advanced Touch Probe Functions

• Intuitive Probe Assembly Interface
• Automated Docking in Multi-Port Probe Change Rack
• Automated Probe Tip Qualification Including Lobing
• Automated Z Scale and Perpendicularity Calibration
• Automatic Approach Vectoring and Solution Iteration
• Automatic Retract and Adjustable Standoff Distances
• Free InSpec 2.XX Updates – No Maintenance Fees

InSpec is used on all Micro-Vu measuring systems, including the Vertex, Excel, Matrix, Vector, Spectra, Qubix, and Quantum automated and manual machines.

Micro-Vu offers “Complete” Probe Kits

Micro-Vu Touch Probe Kits include software; mounting hardware; probe body, modules, and stylii; change rack; calibration artifacts; and case. You get everything needed to begin measuring real parts.