Q Vix

Q Vix has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining heart valve and stent inspection in production environments. High-resolution imaging enables a full inspection of heart valves and stents, reducing inspection time and quality control costs. 

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The Q Vix is the result of more than five years of experience in the inspection of implantable medical devices. The combination of dedicated hardware and software makes it possible to simultaneously acquire and analyze images of the outer, inner, and lateral surfaces of stents and valve frames. Dimensional measurements and visual inspection results are processed and displayed in a very short time, enabling operators to make fast and reliable decisions about the quality of the devices. After the final acceptance or rejection, a complete inspection report is generated and exported in compliance with 21CFR Part 11 requirements. The assisted approach of SensoINSPECT software simplifies the validation of Q Vix in production. 

The algorithms embedded in Q Vix software automatically detect the edges of the devices with sub-pixel resolution. A complete set of software tools allows the automatic analysis of their dimensions and geometry providing accurate measurements of strut width and thickness, strut angles, radius of curvatures, and distances between struts. 

Dimensional analysis is configured in regions of interest and performed with sub-micron repeatability. The analysis results are displayed using a color code that warns the operator with a red flag if the results are out of the defined tolerances.